Flat-Panel Carts & Stands

Putting your display where you want it to be

Allow everyone to participate; raise, lower or tilt your display in the right position with ConenMounts motorized mounts


Interactive Whiteboard Support

Makes virtually any IWB height adjustable

Add 20" of height adjustment to your Interactive Whiteboard and allow everyone to access the whiteboard.


Interactive Board Systems

featuring ConenMounts' DeLuxe projection board

Just add an interactive projector and enjoy large format interactivity with ConenMounts board systems and desk units.


DeLuxe Projection Boards

Designed for projection purposes

ConenMounts boards feature a projection grade surface with wide viewing angle, perfect for use in class rooms and meeting rooms


A / V

to support and display your AV equipment

Advanced, high quality furniture that can be configured to accommodate your equipment, now and in future



Complementing the ConenMounts solutions

To enhance the teaching experience and to increase user convenience, Conen offers several accessories


Masters in Motorized Mounts

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